Platform Privacy Policy


Last Updated: 23rd May 2018

This privacy policy sets out how Upchannel ApS (hereafter referred to as ‘Upchannel’) uses, processes and protects the information that you supply when using the Upchannel website creation platform.

Upchannel is a company registered in Denmark with company number 38 60 51 78 whose registered office is at Lysholt Allé 3, DK-7100 Vejle.


For the purposes of providing all of the Upchannel services we act as both a data controller and data processor.

Upchannel is committed to ensuring that the privacy and data of you and your customers and website visitors is protected at all times.

Any information stored by Upchannel on our platform or database will be stored in accordance with this privacy policy.

This policy may be updated from time-to-time.


Data We Collect About You

Amongst other data, we may collect and store the following information about you:

a) Your name

b) Your address

c) Your company name, address and registration information

d) Your telephone number and email address

e) Your website address

Passwords you supply are not stored in our database in plain text and Upchannel never has access to your original password, at any time.

Instead, we use an algorithm to create a ‘safe’ version of your password to store in our database. The algorithm may consist of hashing and encrypting your password.

How We Process Your Data

Data you provide will be used by us for various reasons such as processing orders you make for our services, improving our products, marketing additional products and services to you and for market research purposes.

Data We Collect About Your Customers And Website Visitors

When an individual visits your website we may collect and store the following information about them:

a) Their name

b) Any addresses they input

c) Any company details they provide

d) Any contact information they provide (such as email addresses and telephone numbers)

Passwords supplied by visitors when creating customer accounts on your website are stored in the same way as passwords you create (see term 7 above).

Tracking Visitors & Cookies

Visitors to our platform, or your website, are tracked by way of persistent and non-persistent cookies.

We will also collect and store details such as their IP address, the device they used to visit your website and location information about them.

When we track visitors to your website, this information will be linked to any purchases that they make from you.

Time Of Collection

For the purposes of you and your customer’s use of our platform, you should consider that information they provide can be collected at any time during your or their visit to our website, platform and your website.

Data Transfer

The data collected about you or your customers will not be transferred to any third party who resides outside of the European Economic Area without adequate protection.

The data collected about you or your customers may be transferred within different corporate entities that are part of the Upchannel organisation.

When data is transferred in accordance with terms (15) and (16), data is transferred in a way that is:

a) appropriate for the type of data being transferred (including using methods of encryption)

b) only data that is necessary to be transferred is transferred

In order to provide the Upchannel platform, Upchannel use a number of third party hosting services and data storage provides to store and process the data of you and your customers.

Where such third party services are used as referred to in term 18, Upchannel will ensure it takes all necessary precautions and due diligence checks to ensure that such third parties will act in accordance with the principles stated in the General Data Protection Regulation effective from 25th May 2018.

Data Storage

You may request details of personal information that we hold about you under the GDPR.

If you would like a copy of the information held on you please contact us.

If you believe that any information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete then please write to or email us as soon as possible and we will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect.

Data that we hold about your customers can be accessed through your Upchannel account. You should ensure that such data, that is controlled by you, is controlled in a responsible and secure way at all times. You must act in accordance with the stipulations and requirements of the GDPR at all times.

By using the Upchannel platform you hereby agree to indemnify Upchannel ApS against any and all losses that Upchannel might incur as a result of your negligent, improper, unauthorised, or irregular use of your customer’s data by any member of your organisation.

Further Details

Incorporated in this Privacy Policy are the terms of our Data Processor Agreement which can be read at . Where a difference arises between a term in this Privacy Policy and the Data Processor Agreement, the Data Processor Agreement will take precedence and the term in that document shall prevail and have legal effect.

Incorporated in this Privacy Policy are also the policies and guidance laid out in our set of help and guidance articles at Where a difference arises between the guidance issued on our resources website and this Privacy Policy, the guidance on the resources website shall take precedence and the term or stipulation shall prevail and have legal effect.