About our ecommerce platform

Trusted by 7500+ businesses

Enterprise-grade with unmatched scalability

Upchannel is a powerful ecommerce platform for SME companies. Our platform is build on top of ShopWired’s robust engine and superior technologies, known for being the best rated ecommerce technology in the world.
Best-in-class B2B featuresUpchannel is custom build for B2B purposes, providing you with an unmatched and comprehensive set of B2B ecommerce tools right out-of-the-box.
Upchannel APIUpchannel hosts a fully featured and documented REST API, to allow you to build your own APPs and connections between your Upchannel website, it's data, and third party services.
You can extend the functionality of your ecommerce website with over 25 individual ecommerce API endpoints.
Amazon WebserviceHosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), our platform utilises a large cluster of web and database servers all housed within Amazon’s data centres in Ireland.
Our ecommerce platform also uses AWS’s Content Delivery Network, Cloudfront, to deliver lightning fast load times for our websites, wherever a user might visit them throughout the world.
99.99% UptimeGuaranteed since 2013. A record with unparalleled uptime amongst the industry.
Robust securityWe use the same multi-layered approach as large financial institutions and government agencies with DDoS protection built-in.
Unlimited bandwidthUnlimited storage, bandwidth, visitors and transactions
Level 1 PCI ComplianceUpchannel works to the highest levels of the information security standard in the ecommerce industry, known as PCI Compliance. We meet all 6 categories for Level 1 of the PCI DSS standard.
Optimized check-outOur checkout process is the result of years of testing and development, and is proven to increase conversion rates by up to 14.8%.
Easy ecommerce migrationMigrate from your existing ecommerce platform to Upchannel with just a few clicks using our fully automated swtiching system.
Open SaaSYou can build your own new functionality using our open API architecture. It is quickly to develop elegant solutions. Our team can build it for you, but the Upchannel API also allows for any third party developer to build a direct and automatic connection to our systems.
The all-in-one platformManage B2B, B2C and your website content from one platform.
Integrate with appsUpchannel comes with over 50 individual ready-made APPs and extensions you can install to extend the functionality of your website. Alternatively you can develop your own extension using our API.