Delivery zone on admin order page20191210072040

Delivery zone on admin order page

UpchannelDecember 10, 20190 comments
Where possible the delivery zone chosen by the customer/admin when creating an order will be displayed on the order page within the admin system....
Import up to 50.000 products simultaneously20190913103433

Import up to 50.000 products simultaneously

UpchannelSeptember 13, 20190 comments
Our product import systems has just been updated, and you can now import up to 50,000 products simultaneously....
API endpoint updates20190818141344

API endpoint updates

UpchannelAugust 18, 20190 comments
The GTIN and MPN of products in an order is now available in the order API endpoint. Customer accounts can now be changed to trade accounts through th...
New platform version live20190702105917

New platform version live

UpchannelJuly 2, 20190 comments
Last week we have launched our latest version of the admin system. As well as a fresh design, this version is built to be responsive to whatever devic...
3D Secure20190701142933

3D Secure

UpchannelJuly 1, 20190 comments
The following payment gateways have now been configured to support 3D secure –  Stripe and DIBS Easy....
PSD2 SCA – About the new EU regulation20190614072721

PSD2 SCA – About the new EU regulation

UpchannelJune 14, 20190 comments
PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) is an EU regulation that took effect on 13th January 2018. PSD2 covers a wide range of topics concerning online pa...
Multiple payment gateways20190518085244

Multiple payment gateways

UpchannelMay 18, 20190 comments
Upchannel now supports multiple payment gateways on a single website. This means that you can add as many payment gateways to your account as you like...
Adgang til fotostudie20190516101854

Adgang til fotostudie

UpchannelMay 16, 20190 comments
Som Upchannel kunde i Danmark har du mulighed for at låne et professionelt ubemandet fotostudie. Studiet er velegnet til fotooptagelser af mindre / m...
Nyt partnerskab: DIBs + Upchannel20190314082428

Nyt partnerskab: DIBs + Upchannel

UpchannelMarch 14, 20190 comments
DIBs Easy er online betaling med ét klik. Betaling skal være nemt for dig og dine kunder. Easy forenkler alle online betalingstrin for både kunde o...
Custom Fields for Brands and Categories20181212134425

Custom Fields for Brands and Categories

UpchannelDecember 12, 20180 comments
You can now configure custom fields for brands and categories as well as products. The custom fields extension allows you to create individual data fi...