UpchannelMarch 16, 20200 comments
To assist in protecting the safety of the Upchannel team and in stopping the spread of the Corona Virus outbreak, the Upchannel teams are now working ...
Automatic stock sync20200309191704

Automatic stock sync

UpchannelMarch 9, 20200 comments
If stock levels for your products are available on a file on a server or at a URL you can now sync stock levels from the file to your Upchannel store ...
Increased SKU code length20200307191708

Increased SKU code length

UpchannelMarch 7, 20200 comments
The maximum allowed SKU code length has been increased to 128 characters....
Max value for weight based delivery rates20200306191712

Max value for weight based delivery rates

UpchannelMarch 6, 20200 comments
A maximum EUR value can now be set for weight based delivery rates....
Theme default colour settings20200305191715

Theme default colour settings

UpchannelMarch 5, 20200 comments
Default colour settings can now be set for a theme to override individual colour settings....
Ebay item specifics20191212072528

Ebay item specifics

UpchannelDecember 12, 20190 comments
Upchannel now supports item specifics for listings on eBay....
Order API update20191211071426

Order API update

UpchannelDecember 11, 20190 comments
The total weight value of an order through the order API now includes the package weight for the delivery rate.....
Delivery zone on admin order page20191210072040

Delivery zone on admin order page

UpchannelDecember 10, 20190 comments
Where possible the delivery zone chosen by the customer/admin when creating an order will be displayed on the order page within the admin system....
Import up to 50.000 products simultaneously20190913103433

Import up to 50.000 products simultaneously

UpchannelSeptember 13, 20190 comments
Our product import systems has just been updated, and you can now import up to 50,000 products simultaneously....
API endpoint updates20190818141344

API endpoint updates

UpchannelAugust 18, 20190 comments
The GTIN and MPN of products in an order is now available in the order API endpoint. Customer accounts can now be changed to trade accounts through th...