Abandoned baskets

In order to process customer data you must obtain the consent of the data subject. The consent has to be freely given and ‘knowing’ (you have to know what you are consenting to).

When an order is submitted for payment (from the checkout form on your website) the order details are stored on your Upchannel account. Once payment is confirmed, the order is then marked as paid.

If payment confirmation isn’t received by Upchannel, then we’ll still retain the order details within your Upchannel account. You should consider how long this data should be stored for and whether you should regularly delete these ‘unpaid orders’, unless there is a good and legal basis to keep them. Upchannel will not automatically delete unpaid orders.

Abandoned basket emails

Using the Abandoned Basket app you can set to automatically send a ‘recover your basket’ email to customers where payment for an order has not been received.

The GDPR mandate that consent is obtained before personal data about a data subject is processed. By entering personal information into a checkout form, users can be deemed to have provided consent for their personal data to be processed by you.

However whether this consent also includes permission to send the user a ‘recover your basket’ email is arguable.

You may want to consult with a legal professional as to whether or not you can send these emails to website visitors.

As part of our platform updates for GDPR, Upchannel will be storing whether or not the customer has opted to receive marketing communications from you on the order details.

We’ll also be updating our abandoned basket app so that includes the ability for you to only send abandoned basket emails to customers that have opted to receive marketing communications.