New Offers & Discount System launched

New Offers & Discounts System Launched

Upchannel’s new offers system allows you to create a range of offers for your customers to enjoy on your online store.

Offers can be created for specific products, specific categories (applying to all products in the category) or specific brands (apply to all products in the brand).

Some example offers:

• Buy 3 of the same product for a discount
• Buy 3 products (one from each of 3 different categories) for a discount
• Buy any 3 products from any 3 categories for a discount
• Buy any 3 products from 1 category for a discount
• Buy 1 specified product and 1 product from 1 category (i.e. 2 products in total) for a discount

To create offers on your account, select ‘marketing’ from the left menu and then ‘offers’.


Displaying offers on your website

Unless you’re using a Version 4 theme, when you create an offer on your account details about the offer will not be automatically displayed on your website. There are however some options for you:

– You can include details about the offers on products within your product descriptions

– You can request us to make the necessary changes to your theme in order to display offers automatically.

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