Platform checkout new features

We’ve implemented some new features and changes on our platform checkout feature. If you’re not currently using platform checkout on your store, we’d recommend switching to it (please contact the support team for assistance in doing so).

1. When adding or editing a product, you can now tick a box (within the stock & delivery management section) if a delivery address is not required for the product (for example if it’s a digital product). Where a customer’s basket only contains items where you have indicated a delivery address is not required, the customer will not be prompted to enter one during the checkout flow.

2. If you’re using the user accounts app to give access to your colleagues or third party companies to help manage your Upchannel account, you can now give them access to the platform checkout feature so they can help you customize this.

3. If you’re using the trade accounts app and granting some account holders credit accounts you can now restrict the offline payment method to only those with credit accounts.

4. We’ve improved messaging for customers when selecting billing and delivery addresses and at what stage of the checkout process they’re at.

5. If you’re selling gift vouchers you can now restrict the offline payment method from being available when customers purchase them (to do so, visit the gift voucher settings page within your account and tick to disable offline payment).

6. We’ve improved click & collect functionality. If you don’t want users to be prompted to search for a click & collect location you can disable this function from the ‘delivery & billing’ section of the platform checkout customization page (location searching will still be available from the click & collect location choice page).

Where your account only has one click & collect location available, we’ll automatically disable location searching.


If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us at

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