Live preview in new version 4 themes

Version 4 themes are the latest theme versions on Upchannel, released on 27th September 2020. Version 4 themes have been upgraded to use Upchannel’s new theme editor which allows you to customize your theme’s colors, settings, images and other branding whilst viewing a live preview of your changes.

From 27th September 2020, all Upchannel themes available for installation are Version 4 themes.

Upchannel’s new live preview editor allows you to customize your theme whilst viewing a live preview of the changes.


Navigating the preview

You can use the preview like a normal website, so you can navigate around it like you can a normal website (clicking on menu items, searching for products etc.).

The preview also has a navigation drop down menu you can use to jump to particular pages.

When selecting the ‘category’ or ‘product’ options from the drop down, this will select a category/product from your website (usually the one added to your account first). You can navigate to a specific category or product by navigating the website in the normal way.


Previewing different devices

When the preview loads we’ll show what it looks like on a desktop/laptop computer. You can use the device icons to switch to different screen widths and see how the preview looks on tablet devices and smart phones.

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