Custom fields for orders20200830085935

Custom fields for orders

UpchannelAugust 30, 20200 comments
You can now use custom fields to attach additional information to orders.Order custom field data can be referenced in a number of different areas on U...
Product Import System Additions20200824085013

Product Import System Additions

UpchannelAugust 24, 20200 comments
We've made two additions to the product import/export system.(1) You can upload cost prices for product variations - if using the gross profit report(...
Bespoke Delivery Rates20200812084701

Bespoke Delivery Rates

UpchannelAugust 12, 20200 comments
When creating an order from the admin system you can now create a bespoke delivery rate for it. On selecting a delivery zone, click the 'custom delive...
Quote Management Changes20200812075100

Quote Management Changes

UpchannelAugust 12, 20200 comments
Upchannel now allows you to add comments when creating a quote. These quotes can be included in the email sent to customers using a new Twig variable ...
Order Delivery Date Changes20200811071047

Order Delivery Date Changes

UpchannelAugust 11, 20200 comments
We've added some new functionality on the Upchannel admin system to help better manage orders with delivery dates:1. You can now filter orders by deli...