Option for eBay Shipping Rate20181127133940

Option for eBay Shipping Rate

UpchannelNovember 27, 20180 comments
If you are using the eBay app you can now configure to give customers a % discount off the shipping cost when purchasing multiple items from you. To d...
Facebook tracking pixel20181122123122

Facebook tracking pixel

UpchannelNovember 22, 20180 comments
The AddToCart event is now added to the Facebook tracking pixel feature so you can monitor when your website visitors add a product to their basket. &...
Re-sending order confirmation emails20181118121811

Re-sending order confirmation emails

UpchannelNovember 18, 20180 comments
You can now re-send order confirmation emails to your customers.Follow the instructions in your help guide.  ...
Specify a VAT Percent at your eBay listings20181118121405

Specify a VAT Percent at your eBay listings

UpchannelNovember 18, 20180 comments
With our new eBay setting you can now specify a VAT percentage charge to be sent with each eBay listing so the listing’s VAT information is disp...