Allow customers to get product sheets in PDF format20180130171427

Allow customers to get product sheets in PDF format

UpchannelJanuary 30, 20180 comments
This new feature allows your customers to view or print your product information in PDF. In this way your customers always have access to updated prod...
Shipping Voucher Codes20171227083401

Shipping Voucher Codes

UpchannelDecember 27, 20170 comments
You can now create voucher codes that apply to delivery costs and select the delivery rates that you want the code to be applicable to (excluding cert...
Customer Orders20171201123619

Customer Orders

UpchannelDecember 1, 20170 comments
When viewing a customer record you can now view a history of orders they’ve placed. Scroll to the bottom of the customer page and click the R...
Returning stock on an order20171129123356

Returning stock on an order

UpchannelNovember 29, 20170 comments
If a customer returns an item or cancels an order and you receive the product(s) they purchased back, you may want to return the stock back to your in...
New app: Delivery Rate Exceptions20171129113452

New app: Delivery Rate Exceptions

UpchannelNovember 29, 20170 comments
This new, free, app allows you to specify if you don’t want a customer to be able to choose a particular delivery rate if they have certain prod...
Customer address book extension20170902114246

Customer address book extension

UpchannelSeptember 2, 20170 comments
Our new Customer Address Book extension allows your customers to create and store multiple saved addresses, on their account, and choose from them at ...
Product XML feed app20170824115943

Product XML feed app

UpchannelAugust 24, 20170 comments
Using our product XML feed app you can create an XML feed containing all the details about your products. Read more in your Help Guide...
Back-order extension20170808114828

Back-order extension

UpchannelAugust 8, 20170 comments
Use the new back-order extension to allow customers to buy products, that are out of stock, from your website. Read more in your Help Guide  ...