Category: Feature Updates

Restrict access to bulk discounts

When using the bulk discounts app you can now restrict what types of customers have access to them and can benefit from the discount.

You can restrict this from settings in your account. Find the section labelled ‘who should have access to bulk discounts’, and select who should get access.

Currency app updates

The currency app is now upgraded, so you can set the currency of your store to automatically switch to the visitor’s home currency by activating a setting in your account. You can also set a preferred currency for customer accounts (by editing the account) and their currency will be automatically switched on login.

Read more in your help guide.

Mini-Feature: Add a re-order feature to your account pages

Allow customers logged into an account to re-order in just one click. Clicking the re-order button will automatically add all the products in the order to their basket (providing they are in stock). The instructions on how to add this feature are available in your help guide – but you will need HTML/CSS experience. If you prefer, we can install this for you – contact us for a quote.

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