New feature: Shipping Voucher Codes

You can now create voucher codes that apply to delivery costs and select the delivery rates that you want the code to be applicable to (excluding certain delivery rates if you want to). You can also select if the customer should only receive a partial discount off the delivery cost (e.g. € 10) instead of receiving free delivery.

How to calculate your margin and gross profit

Starting your own business also means calculating sales prices and your gross profit. We have created a Margin Calculator in Excel for free download, to help you find your profit margin or how much you should ask for your goods. A must have for any businessperson.

Use the calculator for:

Calculating your Sales Price

Calculating your Cost price

Calculating your Gross Margin

Calculating your Gross Margin Ratio

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Mini-Feature: Returning stock on an order

If a customer returns an item or cancels an order and you receive the product(s) they purchased back, you may want to return the stock back to your inventory so it can be resold.This can now be done through the admin system in just a couple of clicks.

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