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Adgang til fotostudie20190516101854

Adgang til fotostudie

UpchannelMay 16, 2019Feature Updates, General
Som Upchannel kunde har du mulighed for at låne et professionelt ubemandet fotostudie. Studiet er velegnet til fotoopt...
Nyt partnerskab: DIBs + Upchannel20190314082428

Nyt partnerskab: DIBs + Upchannel

UpchannelMarch 14, 2019Feature Updates, How To
DIBs Easy er online betaling med ét klik. Betaling skal være nemt for dig og dine kunder. Easy forenkler alle online ...
Custom Fields for Brands and Categories20181212134425

Custom Fields for Brands and Categories

UpchannelDecember 12, 2018Feature Updates
You can now configure custom fields for brands and categories as well as products. The custom fields extension allows y...
Voucher Additions20181210133511

Voucher Additions

UpchannelDecember 10, 2018Feature Updates
A few new features are available for voucher codes. There’s a new search and filtering system which can be seen a...
Option for eBay Shipping Rate20181127133940

Option for eBay Shipping Rate

UpchannelNovember 27, 2018Feature Updates
If you are using the eBay app you can now configure to give customers a % discount off the shipping cost when purchasin...
Facebook tracking pixel20181122123122

Facebook tracking pixel

UpchannelNovember 22, 2018Feature Updates
The AddToCart event is now added to the Facebook tracking pixel feature so you can monitor when your website visitors a...
Re-sending order confirmation emails20181118121811

Re-sending order confirmation emails

UpchannelNovember 18, 2018Feature Updates
You can now re-send order confirmation emails to your customers.Follow the instructions in your help guide.  ...
Specify a VAT Percent at your eBay listings20181118121405

Specify a VAT Percent at your eBay listings

UpchannelNovember 18, 2018Feature Updates
With our new eBay setting you can now specify a VAT percentage charge to be sent with each eBay listing so the listing&...
Kom godt igang med e-commerce B2B. Undgå faldgruberne og udnyt potentialet.20180924075330

Kom godt igang med e-commerce B2B. Undgå faldgruberne og udnyt potentialet.

UpchannelSeptember 24, 2018Guest post
Guest post by: Charlotte Nytoft, International Business Development Professional. Speciale i eksport til Tyskland og US...

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